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Sunday, December 11, 2016
What are the parts of a telescope?

The telescope has been a marvellous invention. Though the telescope has many advancements every few decades, the parts of a telescope have always remained the same. We look at telescopes and wonder what are the parts of a telescope?

What are the parts of a telescope?
First we must realize when asking what are the parts of telescope, that there are two types of telescope. One type of telescope is the refractor telescope, and the other is the reflector telescope. Both telescopes use same principles to do the job. That is taking a long distant object and magnifying and focusing the light rays to the point of your eye.

The are many different parts that make up the teleskope and they are in some way slightly similar to the makeup of binoculars. The first part of a telescope is the optical tube assembly(OTA). The OTA is in fact the main tube assembly which is made up of several different optical parts, mirrors and lenses.

The eyepiece is the section that a person looks through and depending on the type of telescope, some may have extra individual lenses located inside. The next part of a telescope is the focuser. The focuser enable the viewer to change his or her focus to help create a cleaner view of the object they are targeting.

The finder is one of the most important parts of a telescope as it enables the user to track down objects in space. Without the finder it would make it almost impossible to find objects that are long distances away.

The Barlow lens is an extra lens that only the most expensive telscopes have. It has a negative effect on increasing the focus length, therefore changing the magnification of a telescope.

The mount is the part of a telescope that holds the tellescope in place. There are three types of mounts – the altitude azimuth, the equatorial and the dobsonian. There are other types of mounts but they are generally use for larger, advanced telescopes that aren’t available in retail stores.

The telescopes tripod is the last part of a telescope and come in lots of different sizes and varieties. They are made up of 3 legs that are used to hold the telescope up to a height where people can stand to use it. Most telescopes you buy come with a telescope tripod but if yours didn’t then you can generally get one for pretty cheap from most optical stores.

So that’s all the parts of a basic telescope, of course if you were to pay more for an advanced telescope, you would get more parts. The biggest point to consider when buying a telescope, is not the magnification, but how big the lens is and the quality. With a bit of research, you can find the best telescope in the world!

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Sunday, February 07, 2016
Buying a TENS machine to alleviate chronic pain

A lot will of people are becoming aware of the availability of tens machines and they are buying them. This growing demand for tens machines however is not really that surprising. Many of the people however that by the devices have little to no idea regarding how they work and what they can do for them. This is why many people fail to choose the best TENS unit for back pain. You don’t want to be one of these people because you should take the time to get the knowledge that will allow you to evaluate the different TENS unit’s properly.
There are many factors and features that make a great TENS unit. However you should never base your decision to buy a particular TENS machine just because it has so many features. The number of features that a TENS unit offers you is no sign that it’s great buy. You will want to look for the essential features and the features that you actually need.
The number of electrodes for example is an important feature some TENS unit’s offer you two electrodes whereas others offer you for electrodes. The system that runs the device is another thing to consider because if the system is poor quality you will have a hard time using the device. To make optimum use all your device and to get maximum pain relief you should have a TENS unit that has a decent operating system. The system should be easy to configure and the settings should be clearer and easy to navigate.
The touch pads and buttons off the TENS device are also an important and essential component. Make sure that these touchpads are protected against accidental tempering. If you accidentally press a button you could increase the amount of power that flows through the electrodes into your body and as a result cause yourself extra pain instead of relieving the pain that you feel. Make sure that these buttons have some sort of cover and foolproof feature. The display screen of the TENS unit is also an essential component because it gives you access to the data and access to the different settings of the machine. Readability is one important thing to look for when it comes to these LED display units. If the data is not easily you will want to go for a TENS unit that has a larger screen.

Posted at 08:53 am by nakatoo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
How to make an online newsletter

Conventional newsletters, that is print newsletters, are no longer popular. Most companies are switching to e-newsletters because of the ease with which they are made. This is the reason why there are a lot of people searching for advice on how to make an online newsletter. A print newsletter requires paper, printing, and shipping which cost businesses a lot of money. An online newsletter requires none of that. All you need is to choose your newsletter topic, title and start publishing it. Finding good corporate newsletter names can be a bit hard because the name should be unique and attractive and easy to memorize as well. Once the name is chosen, the company will have to stick with it, that is why it should be chosen carefully.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010
Names for a newsletter

Newsletters are great for promoting businesses and building relationships with customers. This importance stems from the fact that constant and regular contact with customers creates a sense of affinity between them and your business. When creating a newsletter, one needs to think of a title for it. The newsletter title  should be descriptive of the newsletter content. It should also contain its main keyword. However, do not get me wrong. When I say descriptive I do not mean that you should use sentences as names for a newsletter . A few words would suffice. Ideally, your newsletter title should have no more than three words. You want to make it easy to remember and sticky as well.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010
Where To Find Good Newsletter Samples

Why reinvent the wheel, just use it. Instead of trying to create your own newsletter from scratch, you can go and find one that is readily made. You may just use it as it is or use it as a model for creating your own. The question is where to find these newsletter samples.

Your emailbox. If you have been online for a while, you have probably subscribed to a number of newsletters. You may be reading some of them or just neglecting all of them. Some of these are just worthless that you may wish to block them or just delete them for good. In spite of their poor quality, these newsletters can be an outstanding source for ideas and inspiration for your newsletter.

Ezine directories. Another place to check for samples is ezine directories. These directories list newsletters according to the topic they treat or discuss. You can simply head to the category of your interest to find similar newsletters. These newsletters are more beneficial to you because of their relevancy. Find some good samples that you can use as a model.

Offline magazines. Since online magazines can be seen as an extension to offline magazines, there are so many similarities between them. You can check successful real world magazines and use them as a model for your online newsletter.

Newsletter templates. If you google the keyword 'newsletter templates', you will find plenty of templates that are readymade for you to use. It is possible to use these templates as they are if you know no HTML. However, if you have at least some basic mastery of HTML, you can adjust these templates to suit your needs or just to give them a unique look. This will help you stand out from the crowd.

This list of ideas is by no means exhaustive of all sources of newsletter sample ideas. There are other sources of inspiration, just do some brainstorming to generate them.

Learn more about free sample newsletters. Stop by John Khon's site email newsletter service tips.

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